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Layer 2 VPN from Mikrotik to linux – Proxmox PVE

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Mikrotik version 7 brings many new features, including wireguard vpn. Wireguard vpn is fine, but it is layer 3 VPN – can not be bridged. What if you need L2 VPN, for example to migrate local server to datacenter and from network view keep it in your local network?

In my setup I wanted to be able migrate VMs from local Proxmox PVE to PVE running  in Hetzner in datacenter. PVE in datacenter was dedicated server.

Mikrotik 7.1 also support l2tpv3, which is not very well documented in Mikrotik wiki yet, but it enables Layer 2 VPN. L2tpv3 is also supported in linux. How to create bridge between them?

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Snapshoting virtual machine running mysql database

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Backup in virtualized enviroment is mostly based on snapshoting entire virtual machine and saving this state to backup repository. This snapshot does not include memory of virtual machine. When you restore virtual machine from this snapshot filesystem is in unclean state, but journal filesystem can handle this. From mysql point of view server crash happended and database can be corrupted and unrecoverable, depending on what queries where running during snapshot. This unpredicted and unconsistent state you don’t want to have as a backup of your data. Read More »Snapshoting virtual machine running mysql database