Recovering deleted lvm volume

LVM is a logical volume manager for the Linux kernel; it manages disk drives and similar mass-storage devices, in particular large ones. The term “volume” refers to a disk drive or partition thereof.

Every LVM operation makes backup of lvm metadata. Metadata archive stored in directory /etc/lvm/archive/ in easily readable text files. Each operation creates own metadata backup file, with information when it was created. For example:

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Checking forward and reverse dns

Very often problems like  ‘my website is not working’ or ‘I did not get any emails’ are caused by improperly set up dns records or expired domain. At my work, I’m permanently dealing  with incorrectly set up dns records. There are available services like which you can use to check dns records for domain.  But what to do, if you have problem with reverse dns? Or you want to check, if your reverse delegation is set up correctly?

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