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ethtool: offloading

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Enable stateless offloads to improve system performance.
Stateless offloads, such as checksum offload, segmentation offload, and large receive offload, can improve system performance by moving some of the processor-intensive tasks that do not require a connection to the network adapter.

The following offloads can help boost performance when they are enabled. The corresponding identifier is used by the ethtool:

rx-checksumming rx
tx-checksumming tx
scatter-gather sg
tcp segmentation offload tso
generic-receive-offload gro

Show offload settings for eth0

ethtool -k eth0
Offload parameters for eth0:
rx-checksumming: on
tx-checksumming: on
scatter-gather: on
tcp segmentation offload: on
udp fragmentation offload: off
generic segmentation offload: on
generic-receive-offload: off

To enable an offload, issue the following command:

# ethtool -K eth0  on

To enable all offloads use

OPT="rx tx sg tso ufo gso gro"; for i in $OPT; do ethtool -K eth0 $i on; done

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