Snapshoting virtual machine running mysql database

Backup in virtualized enviroment is mostly based on snapshoting entire virtual machine and saving this state to backup repository. This snapshot does not include memory of virtual machine. When you restore virtual machine from this snapshot filesystem is in unclean state, but journal filesystem can handle this. From mysql point of view server crash happended and database can be corrupted and unrecoverable, depending on what queries where running during snapshot. This unpredicted and unconsistent state you don’t want to have as a backup of your data. Continue reading

Zabbix-agent 1.8 for debian etch

There is change in zabbix-agent version 1.8, disk free space is returned in bytes. See ‘Free disk space bug‘ in zabbix forum.  This can cause problems when you want to use same template for debian lenny system with 1.8 zabbix-agents from backports and some still not upgraded etch systems.   Backported 1.8 zabbix-agent for etch can be helpfull – you can find it here.