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Convert HD wtv file to play on Samsung TV

I have been searching log time for tool which can convert HD Windows Media Center recordings (wtv format) to some playable format for Samsung TVs, which are unable to play WTV recordings. I want to do it without re-encoding original wtv file. Finally I have found great tool remuxTool (v1.2.5). It’s java application, it has gui or can be used in command line, which I prefer.


Command Line:

E:\remuxTool_1.2.5>java -cp remuxTool.jar util.WtvToMpeg
WtvToMpeg 1.2.5
[-i] inputFile.wtv
[-o - | fileName.[mpg | ts | m2ts]
[-lang eng|fra|ger|...]

'fileName.wtv' will create 'fileName.ts'
'-o -' will output to stdout
'-demux' will demux to fileName.mpv, fileName.ac3, etc.
'-all' will keep all audio tracks

Samsung TVs can play standard MPEG-TS (Transport Stream) from file. For multiple audio tracks in wtv file, we are unable to select audio track on TV when playing ts file, but we can select to have just one audio in destination ts file using

E:\remuxTool_1.2.5>java -cp remuxTool.jar util.WtvToMpeg -i recorded_HD.wtv -o recorded_HD.ts -lang cze

Remuxing of 90 minutes HD recording video is done in about 10 minutes. Great!

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  1. Avdshare Video Converter, serving as the most powerful WTV to TS converter, can convert all WTV MPEG-2 or WTV H.264 to TS for playing WTV in VLC or other programs that can support TS.

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