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Restreaming from MPEG2 to Windows Media Player using VLC

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Getstream is used to stream from dvb-t channels to multicast. One of mulicast streams is re-streamed to Windows Media using this script:



ulimit -m $SIZE -v $SIZE -d $SIZE
while true; do
su nobody -c 'cvlc -v udp://@ --sout "#transcode{deinterlace,width=320,height=300,vcodec=DIV3,vb=1024,cbr,acodec=wma2,ab=128,channels=1,samplerate=44100,udp-caching=8000,mux-caching=10000}:std{access=mmsh,mux=asfh,dst=}"'

Because of memleaks in VLC, crontab contains

0 * * * * pkill -9 vlc

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