VMware backup script

I have been searching for simple and easy script to backup selected virtual machines running on esxi server, which will:

  • run on linux – do not require windows machine; can’t use PowerCLI
  • do not require direct access to esxi host using ssh (as other backups scripts like ghettoVCB.sh do) and will use API
  • support multiple esxi hosts managed by vcenter
  • have clear code – that means no perl hell (including big vsphere perl sdk)
  • have short code
  • can be put into cron

I was unable to find any to comply my requirements. I’m learning python, so I searched for some python vsphere libs and found psphere. Then backup.py has born.

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Convert HD wtv file to play on Samsung TV

I have been searching log time for tool which can convert HD Windows Media Center recordings (wtv format) to some playable format for Samsung TVs, which are unable to play WTV recordings. I want to do it without re-encoding original wtv file. Finally I have found great tool remuxTool (v1.2.5). It’s java application, it has gui or can be used in command line, which I prefer.
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